I knew Keiser University Tallahassee was the right choice the moment I stepped on campus. President Mead’s demonstration of failure or success during orientation resonated with me. Some classes were more difficult than others, but I did not allow the thought of failure to hinder or delay my process. Always remembering failure was not an option gave me the extra push I needed when I wanted to give up.

The coursework was beneficial. It enlightened my understanding in finance, accounting, and leadership. The instructors and advisors were readily available to assist me. While in my last course, my mother-in-law passed. I decided to withdraw to support and focus on my family. The advisor was very supportive and guided me through the withdrawl process. Later, I returned and successfully completed the Capstone and received my Master of Arts Degree in Business Administration.

The knowledge I attained at Keiser University allowed me to grow in my career. I have been with Dynamic Workforce Solutions for three years. I started out as a Sector Lead, then received a promotion to Quality Performance Training Specialist. These roles gave me the opportunity to utilize the knowledge I obtained at Keiser University.