Financial Fitness

Welcome to the “New” Financial Fitness Corner of the Keiser University Alumni Association! As an added benefit to our alumni, we are bringing you this Financial Fitness section with the goal to enhance your money knowledge and awareness and help prepare you for your financial future!

This blog will feature articles about the basics of money management such as budgeting, managing credit, student loans, and building a solid financial foundation.  Often we will provide further resources that will help you manage your financial responsibilities throughout your life. Our hope is to provide answers to some of the basic financial questions, myths, and to provide another perspective on handling your finances. We hope that you find the information provided useful and helps you in the creation of a solid financial platform to grow on.

Tell us what you think!  If you have specific questions or want to see something in particular discussed, reach out to Geoff Stam, Director of Default Management and Financial Literacy in the Office of the Chancellor at Keiser University Jacksonville Campus at (904) 296-3440 extension 139, or [email protected].

Financial Articles & Tips