Heather Shapiro | Keiser University Alumni TestimonialI started out at the Keiser University Flagship Residential campus the same year it switched from Northwood University. I was planning on changing my major when the school was Northwood because they did not offer criminal justice. I originally came to this campus in the beginning to play softball. However, once I found out that Northwood was switching to Keiser University and that criminal justice was going to be offered I was SUPER EXCITED.

I went through everything I needed in order to graduate. With the passing of one of our professors in the middle of our time there, it was difficult getting used to new staff and adapting to what they were bringing into the program. But I do have to say that in the end, they were really wonderful! Once I graduated, I found a job right out of college within my degree. I now proudly work for the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice.