My experience at Keiser University was amazing. I was part of the Medical Assisting program and I really enjoyed all of my instructors. My favorite instructor was Professor Hannah. She always went out of her way to help us in any way possible because she wanted us all to succeed. She scheduled field trips for us to visit a medical examiner and watch an autopsy be done, a trip to a jail to see how medical assistants can also have job opportunities with the government & a trip to Trinity cafe to feed the homeless to show us how we should always give back to our community. Professor Hannah truly helped shape the kind of Medical Assistant I am today; I am always curious to learn new things and help whom ever is in need. I would honestly recommend Keiser University to anyone I know who truly wants to either start going to college or go back and finish. The staff is amazing and for Professors like Professor Hannah can really help change your life with he little things they do to make your experience the best!